iPad Pro with Bluetooth Keyboard Joy

I've owned a 12.9" iPad Pro since they came out and whilst I love the large screen estate (for some things) the on screen keyboard in use doesn't always hit the mark. I have looked at the Apple and Logitech offerings for hardware keyboards, designed as cases, and have not been impressed by the price - indeed the Apple keyboard with case combo comes up just short of £200 - extortion !

Whilst I could simply pair my bluetooth mac keyboard with my iPad Pro it really isn't quite the same as something that attaches as a more 'permanent' case, so imagine my joy when I discovered the TeckNet iPad Pro keyboard on Amazon. This thin keyboard attaches to the iPad Pro and uses bluetooth (not the iPad Pro's connectors) to provide hardware keyboard capability. It folds with the iPad and protects the screen in the closed position. The reviewers are right - for £25 or thereabouts you are getting a great tool for your iPad that is robustly built and is designed well.

Well done TeckNet !

Update 03/09/2016: Having played around with this bluetooth keyboard I came to realise that I loved using a keyboard with my iPad Pro so much that I went and bought the Apple smart keyboard and the silicone case - bye bye £200 and hello top iPad tech !

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