iPad Pro with Keyboard Joy

I've owned a 12.9" iPad Pro since they came out and whilst I love the large screen estate (for some things) the on screen keyboard in use doesn't always hit the mark. I have looked at the Apple and Logitech offerings for hardware keyboards, designed as cases, and have not been impressed by the price - indeed the Apple keyboard with case combo comes up just short of £200 - extortion ! Continue Reading →

An iOS Space Saving Trick

I came across this great trick for saving space on an iOS (updated to iOS 9.3) device the other day - and having used it on my 16Gb iPad Air 2 I was able to move from having 650Mb free to 3Gb free without deleting any content ! Continue Reading →

Textastic for iOS

I've been playing around with [Textastic](http://www.textasticapp.com/), a great text editor for iOS with syntax highlighting Continue Reading →

Hosting Your Hexo Site on Github - A Lesson Learned

I absolutely love Hexo - it does a great job of creating a basic blog with static pages written in Markdown , that can be deployed to any host and easily updated from a command line or any text editor capable of reading and writing markdown (so just about any text editor then). Continue Reading →

How to Pivot Data in SQL Server

Sometimes it just makes sense to output a pivoted table, instead of purely columnar data, when running a T-SQL select query. It's easy to think of pivoting as a complex process when being implemented in code (as opposed to the visual environment of Excel for example), however it's actually quite simple once you get the basic premise. Here's a brief example:- Continue Reading →