When I said to my boss "Of course Tony - I can do that no problem", I didn't envisage working all of Sunday morning simply trying to get the right angle to make my slides 'pop' and bring a story to life.

Of course - to many their working lives are full of such outcomes - 'popping', lively slide packs, meant to bring life to - well, what exactly ?

You see I am starting to develop a little theory that the real purpose of the ubiquitous slide pack is to mainly demonstrate one's own skills at saying the right things, in the right way, to the right people. Not that these people don't already have the knowledge that your slides will be imparting, and not that the audience is unable to disseminate the right bits of info to take the right kinds of action without your intervention. The slide pack / deck has become the ultimate tool to show people that you really are working, and that you can say things really nicely, with pretty pictures - regardless of whether you need to or not. They are a measure of your value, a way for people to judge you.

That maybe explains why I hate them. I consider myself to be ultimately very productive, and I pride myself on outcomes of the work I'm carrying out. What I don't do is value the time I might then have to take to re-communicate that output to the various audiences that might feel the need for myself, or someone on my behalf, to 'present' the 'slide deck'.

Pah - slide decks are for pussies who've not got enough real output to create !